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Country Music Singer/Songwriter

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Taking a little studio break to enjoying
After a very productive week in Nashville I am back home in Oregon with lots to do in preparation fo
Listening to the mix of my next single titled “5th of July” _darkhorserecording #newsingle #comingso
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New single hitting the airwaves in #tmin
About Me: Welcome

Kelly Lynn Madison was born in Auburn, IN, with music-loving parents who would often play the guitar and sing in the evenings. It was the perfect environment to fall in love with music and start thinking about songwriting at a young age. Kelly began her music career as a lead singer for Up With People in the Broadway-style musical “Roads”. This experience took Madison around the world for a year performing shows in 270 cities. Her love for music and the stage grew and she began a career as a backup vocalist in Nashville.

Now living in Oregon, she is making a name for herself as a solo artist and songwriter. Kelly Lynn creates music that resonates with her fanbase, writing songs from real-life experiences. Her main influences come from classic country with a dash of Americana. She aspires to bring music onto the scene that is timeless and reflects an old-time country feel.

Kelly has been performing on stage for years and her live shows are full of energy and spirit with songs that make you want to get up and dance.  She loves to sing and it really shows on stage. Her favorite types of venues are the small hometown tucked-away places where she can really connect with your audience. For fans of the Indiana/Oregon native, this country/soul/rock singer will remind you of a young Shania Twain who can also bring in the passion of a Bonnie Raitt.

Madison has achieved great success on the EACM charts in Europe with four #1 hit singles this past year and has held her own on the Music Row country radio chart, as well. She is preparing for the release of her first album and has a brand new single, “Fire With Love”, that is set to make its official debut on June 3. This new single release promises to bring the same sass and style that her fans have come to know and love.

When she isn’t writing and recording in the studio you’ll most likely find her enjoying the outdoors; skiing, paddle boarding and hiking through the Three Sisters Wilderness.

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